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Песня:One Step Ahead
Артист:Nik Kershaw
песня One Step Ahead
Альбом:The Collection
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One Step Ahead (Длительность 03:51)

Текст песни Nik Kershaw - One Step Ahead
I catch my breath and ready for the race to come No prizes call, the contest is my opium Since you can never be sure When they’re keeping the score You must always be ready to run I tense myself Waiting for the starting gun No time for fun Because I work all day and I think all night I break my body but that’s alright 'Cos it’ll take my mind and all my might To keep one step ahead of you I think to myself living is a winning school Winning on your feet, winning on the street Winning as a golden rule It’s seems there’s always a test And I’m doing my best But there still seems a long way to go I try myself Trying everything I know Pushing me so So (Chorus) Don’t wanna know why Don’t wanna know how or when or who One step ahead One more step ahead just to get me through I try my best Here comes another test So wicked, no rest Because (Chorus 2x)

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