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Песня:Splash Waterfalls
песня Splash Waterfalls
Альбом:Chicken - N - Beer
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Splash Waterfalls (Длительность 04:52)

Текст песни Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls
I’m bout to throw some game, they both one and the same Cupid’s the one to blame — say it (make love to me) I’m bout to shed some light, cause each and every night You gotta do it right — what? (fuck, meee!) They want it nice and slow, kiss 'em from head to toe Relax and let it go — say it (make love to me) They want it now and fast, grabbin and smackin ass You gotta make it last — what? (fuck, meee!) Together holdin hands, you out there spendin grands And makin family plans — say it (make love to me) Don’t have to straighten facts, don’t want no strings attached Just scratches on your BACK — what? (fuck, meee!) Ex’s ain’t actin right, and you so glad to fight Dinner’s by candlelight — say it (make love to me) She got a nigga whipped, down to ya fingertips Tryin that freaky shit — what? (fuck, meee!) Turn on some Babyface, just for your lady’s sake You call her babycakes — say it (make love to me) Know how to mack a broad, she’s on your sack and balls You call her Jabberjaws — what? (fuck, meee!) You bout to buy a ring, she needs the finer things Gucci designer frames — say it (make love to me) Purchase a nasty flick, wrap up and tie her quick Know how to drive a stick — what? (fuck, meee!) You both unite as one, you the moon and she’s your sun Your heart’s a beating drum — say it (make love to me) You better not of came, she want to feel the pain Then hear her scream your name — what? (fuck, meee!) Follow this DICK-tionary, you’re both some visionaries Then do it missionary — say it (make love to me) I hear 'em call da wild, and do it all the while Doggy and FROGGY style — what? (fuck, meee!) You in between the sheets, lickin and eatin sweets And what you find you keep — say it (make love to me) You do it standin up, orgasms hand 'em up Y’all just don’t GIVE A FUCK — what? (fuck, meee!) You wanna tell the world, cause she’s your favorite girl Your diamond and your pearl — say it (make love to me) Nobody has to know, just keep it on the low And meet 'em right at fo' - what? (fuck, meee!) Nothin but fights and fussin, plus there’s a lot of cussin Just grab ahold of SOMETHIN — say it (make love to me) Y’all do that BAD stuff, she like it rammed up Ropes and HANDCUFFS — what? (fuck, meee!)

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