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Песня:My Obsession
Артист:The Rolling Stones
песня My Obsession
Альбом:Between The Buttons
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My Obsession (Длительность 03:16)

Текст песни The Rolling Stones - My Obsession
My obsessions are your possessions Every piece that I can get My obsessions are your possessions 'Til my mouth is soaking wet I think I blew it now, confession You can’t dodge it, it’s simple logic You’d be better off with me And you’ll know it when you lost it Know it My obsessions are your possessions Are you smiling on my way My obsessions are your possessions One that you should give away Give it to me now, I’ve no objection I don’t mind if it’s unkind And it’s not my property But I want it just to be mine Exclusively Ooh baby, ooh baby Ooh baby, ooh baby Ooh baby, ooh baby, aah You need teaching, you’re a girl There are things in this world That need teaching with discretion My profession My obsessions are your possessions Are you used to the idea? My obsessions are your possessions Do you feel at home right here? You should relax, it’s my impression Didn’t see you were so young I could almost be your son Please turn in my direction No objection

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