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Песня:Hey You There
Артист:Soulja Boy Tell'em
песня Hey You There
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Hey You There (Длительность 03:52)

Текст песни Soulja Boy Tell'em - Hey You There
Hey you there I see you ova there I see you everywhere Come and sit right here Hey how are you doing? We could go see a movie Heard you were a groupie Jus call me next tuesday Hey you there I see you over there I want you to come here Sit down Hey I seen you yesterday You didn’t even wave That’s why I had to say hey, hey, hey GOODBYE You think this is funny I think your a dummy I have alotta money So hey hey hey hey Hey you there Please her and lease her Hey s-cc-cc- daddle Heard you like to travel So why won’t you come her and light my (what?) Hey you there (what you want) Please her an lease her Heard you like this music Like the way I do it Like to move it

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