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Песня:It Was A Pleasure Then
песня It Was A Pleasure Then
Альбом:Peel Slowly And See 1965-1969
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It Was A Pleasure Then (Длительность 08:02)

Текст песни Nico - It Was A Pleasure Then
It was a pleasure then Could you just be here again To know what there was to see When all the Sunday people Were so quiet in the dark Afraid to be better the next day La la la la la la la La la la la la la la. It was a pleasure then When we could sit and stare again Until the stars fell through The cloudy trees unto the grass Stars to smile with us Until they too had tears in their eyes And tell us this long tale of how much we Must not agree. It was a pleasure then To see the dying days again And horror of the nights Never never never never be too quiet Told a secret hard to hide somewhere at last As long as we could see The star confess this crime 0f bitter tasting hatefulness

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