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Песня:Your Unchanging Love
Артист:Gaye Marvin
песня Your Unchanging Love
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Your Unchanging Love (Длительность 03:18)

Текст песни Gaye Marvin - Your Unchanging Love
To your unchanging love I’m gonna hold on (hold on) hold on (hold on) To your unchanging love I need you baby, baby I need you right now Darlin', there comes a time in everybody’s life They may learn as I’ve learned That being loved is more important than paintin’the town Only noon and night 'Cause my life may have bright lights But I’ve learned in time they go dim But your love and tender arms, I can always come home to them I used to have more friends than I could count But now all of my so-called friends are gone 'Cause I’ve lost everything in my bank account Darlin', I’m tired of runnin''round So in your arms I’m gonna settle down 'Cause if I don’t have a dime, I know your love is mine Darlin', everybody need somebody, ooo I need you I know now, nobody really loves me, honey honey honey, the way you do One more thing: I’ve changed, girl, through my life as often as I change my suits Only to learn the only true happiness is being, honey, being loved by you That’s why… (repeat chorus and fade)

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