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Песня:Try It Baby
Артист:Gaye Marvin
песня Try It Baby
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Try It Baby (Длительность 02:58)

Текст песни Gaye Marvin - Try It Baby
Now you’re moving on up, pretty baby You’re leaving me behind Everybody seems to love you Ooh, you’re doing just fine, fine, fine Take away your good looks And all your fancy clothes I bet you want to try it baby And you’ll see That nobody loves you but me Now what do you think about that? Hey, Melvin Now you tell me that you so busy Ooh, baby you ain’t got much time Oh, how will I remember, babe When all your time was mine, mine, mine Well move on back cross the track Yeah, where you came from Yeah, why don’t you just try it baby And you’ll see Nobody loves you but me Yeah, nobody but me Try it If you think I’m lying Try it Try it baby Ooh, well move on back cross the track, baby Yeah, where you came from Come on and try, try it honey, try it baby, try it sweet And you’ll see Nobody loves you but me Nobody loves you but me Listen, I really want to hold you, pretty baby In my arms again But I can’t get close to you For all your love afraid But take your name from the bad list And tear me your arms through Come on and try it baby I’m gonna try it sweetheart Try it honey You’ll see, nobody loves you but me Nobody but me

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