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Песня:Take This Heart Of Mine
Артист:Gaye Marvin
песня Take This Heart Of Mine
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Take This Heart Of Mine (Длительность 02:50)

Текст песни Gaye Marvin - Take This Heart Of Mine
Ooo, you say you’re feelin' bad 'cause The least thing makes you cry Sounds like a real bad case Of a girl who needs a guy I think I know the perfect jewel One you ought to try Take a heart that’s full of love On this you can rely CHORUS: If you need some quick reaction, take this heart of mine And if you need some satisfaction, take this heart of mine And if you’re tired of being lonely, take this heart of mine I think I can help you if you’ll only take this heart of mine I may not be a doctor who can cure your ills Goodbye to all those different drugs and hard-swallowed pills My remedy is older than the tale of Jack and Jill My prescription is the kind you love to have refilled (Chorus) Got a lovin' side (this heart of mine) That’s pure as gold (this heart of mine) Take it, it’s yours (this heart of mine) To have and to hold (this heart of mine) And if you do that, baby (this heart of mine) After we grow old (this heart of mine) It’ll be the greatest love story (this heart of mine) That was ever told (this heart of mine) Oh, baby (one more time, let’s hold) Oh, medicine won’t cure you Just leave you at the most The relief is only temporary Pretty soon will go But love can last a lifetime When two hearts are close Take as much as you want to There is no overdose (Repeat chorus and fade)

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