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Песня:One More Heartache
Артист:Gaye Marvin
песня One More Heartache
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One More Heartache (Длительность 02:40)

Текст песни Gaye Marvin - One More Heartache
One more heartache, I can’t take it My heart is carrying such a heavy load One more ache would break it Just like the camel with the heavy back One last straw was added, they say it broke the camel’s back Ah (ah) ah (ah) I can’t take it, I can’t stand it One more heartache, it would turn me right around First you build my hopes up high and then you let me down Like the house you built from toothpicks stacked upon the kitchen table One last toothpick tore it down; the foundation was not able Oh baby, one more heartache would be too much load I’m fed up with the heartaches; one more and I will explode Like the toy balloon that’s filled with as much air as it can take One more puff of air and that balloon has got to burst

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