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Песня:Stuff Like That
Артист:Quincy Jones
песня Stuff Like That
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Stuff Like That (Длительность 03:05)

Текст песни Quincy Jones - Stuff Like That
Walked in the joint They were lined up back to back Anything you can name, no shame, Uhn, uh An stuff like that Do it — do it Do it — do it What makes you feel like doin stuff like that? What makes you feel like doin stuff like that? Before my eyes Was the promise of paradise Is she real, can she feel Is she a dream? If ya know what I mean Cause she was built out of Stuff like that Stuff… Like That 4 xs I knew I was captured By the rhythm of the magic flute Pulling and urging me To taste the forbidden fruit Tho I felt naive I did not want to leave Fever was in the air All of a sudden, I didn’t care No reason why, I just had to testify Do it — do it

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