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Песня:The Dude
Артист:Quincy Jones
песня The Dude
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The Dude (Длительность 05:35)

Текст песни Quincy Jones - The Dude
Chorus: Who is it That walks the street with all the action? (It's The Dude) Who is it That always gets a hot reaction? (That's The Dude) Verse I: Don’tcha' go makin no mojo moves 'Round The Dude (Don't try no funny bizness.) Don’tcha' be coppin no attitude With The Dude (Hey, hey, here comes The Dude) The Dude Speaks: Hey everybody in the neighborhood The beauty’s on duty, better hear me good Sister E-flat tomato, Brother B-flat balloon Somethin' funky’s goin' down, better listen to my tune I graduated from the college of the street I got a P.H.D. in how to make ends meet Inflation in the nation don’t bother me 'Cause I’m a scholar with a dollar You can plainly see/ Bridge: He’s a winner 'cause it’s in his blood Ain’t nobody whose out there like him Any corner in the neighborhood That’s the place that you’ll always find him Soft talkin' with a rap so sweet (He does it good) Ladies call him The Candy Rapper (They want his love.) He’s the only one that’s really cool (He's really cool) That’s the reason why he’s The Dude Chorus: Who is it That ain’t got time for foolish talkin'? (It's The Dude) Who is it That looks so clean you can’t ignore him (That's The Dude) Verse II Don’tcha' go mess with His walkin' stick— not The Dude (Don't try no funny bizness) Don’t you double-cross him He’s super slick— He’s The Dude (Hey, hey, here come The Dude) The Dude Speaks Again: I’m a stone cold taker I’m a piggy bank shaker An' I don’t waste my time talkin' trash So if you go to my school You gotta learn this rule — Don’t let your mouth write a check That your body can’t cash If you never had it Don’t pay it no mind I know you’re gonna get it If you take a little time Take a piece from the East A piece from the West Put it where it feels good — Let The Dude do the rest Chant: See him steppin' down the street No forgettin', he’s The Dude See him steppin' down the street No forgettin', he’s The Dude Repeat Verse I Bridge To Fade

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