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Песня:Maybe I'll Understand
Артист:James Brown
песня Maybe I'll Understand
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Maybe I'll Understand (Длительность 03:17)

Текст песни James Brown - Maybe I'll Understand
I’m broken hearted It’s my fault Treated my baby wrong Now I just got to talk But help me somebody I’m a man Help me somebody l believe she just don’t understand I’m tryin' so hard Tryin' so hard I’m tryin' to do Ihe best I can Oh yes I am When I, I lay down I got my baby on my mind Yes I have When I, when I lay down I got my baby on my mind Oh yeah I think about the good things And the good times The way she made me leel so fine Mmmmmm I said I’m sittin' in the dark Right now And I know I don’t need no light Oh yes I, oh yes I. yes I I’m sittin' all in the dark I want the world to know I don’t need no light I don’t need no light Coz I’m wondcrin' I’m wondering where she’s gone And I’m wondenn' what What she’s doin' tonight And all I can say, all I can say Is help me somebody Help me understand Help me somebody I know that I’m not a man Coz I need her to hold my hand And maybe Maybe I’ll understand…

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