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Песня:Bare Bones
Артист:Madeleine Peyroux
песня Bare Bones
Альбом:Bare Bones
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Bare Bones (Длительность 03:26)

Текст песни Madeleine Peyroux - Bare Bones
I remember what my daddy taught me 'Bout how one risky is in a cold ditch And one more thing about good and evil You can’t tell which is which Well, if the rest is lost and history Or maybe wasted on a fool like me And that these bare bones Would leave me something after all Old Hamlet’s done now, dead and gone And there’s no ghost who walks Poor? tells you everything he knows With no tongue to talk It seems the truth is hidden where the sun don’t shine And I’m never certain if it’s their’s or mine It’s just the bare bones They give you that much after all They preached the gospel down in? They preached it in school It never made much sense to me Wonder if it was supposed to You go on down a millionaires road Watch a while, tell me what do you see The truth itself, nothing but a gamble It might or might not set you free I guess, my old man was hard to read And I don’t really know what I believed But in these bare bones There’s something lovely after all

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