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Артист:Blue October
песня Drop
Альбом:Consent to Treatment
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Drop (Длительность 04:35)

Текст песни Blue October - Drop
I touch the tongue to see A devil’s face in front of me You blow your nose and cry The clown demands a sad good-bye A sad good-bye. Black below the tree White horses dead in front of me A scar below the cheek There’s a sweaty man in a bloody sink. It’s just a trip not a way to ease your pain Self help… Tell another shrink the same thing Stay cool, everything is going to be okay Until you decide to drop again Until you decide to drop again A blue jean girl to be Sweaty man is behind the trees The flip side of sanity is the game Fourteen million miles away from sane A dark man in the restroom window pane Whose words just pour out human pain. Now I’m so high, so high.

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