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Артист:Blue October
песня HRSA
Альбом:Consent to Treatment
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HRSA (Длительность 03:33)

Текст песни Blue October - HRSA
Admitted at twenty-two Just to get over you My belly aches blue Lorazepam flu I’m down for the count Always three times a day Sometimes four, sometimes four A bee sting straight through the arm The high swing I ride upon My eyes can’t quite focus on The nurse with my Lucky Charms While a two-step was just a laugh Our boundaries were broke in half It’s a good thing to know As you walk into group for the show Knock-knock on the window pane My smoke break, the hour rang My quiet roommate sleeps the same And woke up when dinner came The man’s no more than forty old Arrived scared two days ago A family of earth and gold But still nonetheless alone I learned quick, knew what to say Then three angels walked my way In Spanish tongue, they knelt to pray And said, «God, keep him safe From screaming voices» They became my family Outstretched, their hands are on my head You know, boy, I can feel them breathing They actually knelt down and prayed for me They actually knelt down and prayed for me Don’t you dare put me on HRSA Does self-abuse extend your hospital stay? I think I’ll lie a bit Lord, I won’t cry over anything Over anything at all I won’t cry over anything at all

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