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Песня:Through My Eyes
Артист:Lionel Richie
песня Through My Eyes
Альбом:Just Go
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Through My Eyes (Длительность 04:06)

Текст песни Lionel Richie - Through My Eyes
Baby we were so in love, only one that I could trust I would never give that up, there’s no one like her Knew you were my everything, was so glad that you with me Had to tell my family I found that girl Then out of nowhere you were gone without a reason why So I’m here in this place by myself, all you had to do was try If you could see it through my eyes It would explain the tears I’ve cried Why did you walk out of my life? Wasn’t it clear to see that you were meant for me? If you could see it through my eyes You’d know the reason why I tried So hard to never let love die I wish that you could see, see it through my eyes What am I supposed to do? Just go on without you? Easier said than done, I need some answers I can’t even lift my head thinking 'bout the things she said Only thing that I have left is my love for her I’m hoping and praying that you will return All my love is here waiting for you, baby just open the door

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