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Песня:Glittering Girl
Артист:The Who
песня Glittering Girl
Альбом:The Who Sell Out
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Glittering Girl (Длительность 03:00)

Текст песни The Who - Glittering Girl
She wasn’t a fool That glittering girl She followed the rules That shimmering pearl Said the rules mama preaches Go down when they break The themes mama teaches You just got to shake But she wasn’t a fool That slender love figure She followed her rules And made money bigger She wasn’t a fool That shining young woman She followed her rules She’s crying for no man Said the rules mama preaches Go down when they’re broken She explodes into peaches And cries when I’ve spoken She wasn’t a fool That Goddess of Hell There are no mother’s rules She makes them herself And I was down upon my knees To beg her surrender up to me Something inside her Told her she shouldn’t Tried and alight her But the girl wouldn’t She wasn’t a fool But love flowed from her face She’s not scared of me She’s afraid of disgrace She wasn’t a fool That female for our world She followed her rules That glittering girl

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