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Артист:Robert Plant
песня Nothin'
Альбом:Raising Sand
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Nothin' (Длительность 05:32)

Текст песни Robert Plant - Nothin'
Hey mama, when you leave Don’t leave a thing behind I don’t want nothin' I can’t use nothin' Take care into the hall And if you see my friends Tell them I’m fine Not using nothin' Almost burned out my eyes Threw my ears down to the floor I didn’t see nothin' I didn’t hear nothin' I stood there like a block of stone Knowin' all I had to know And nothin' more Man, that’s nothin' As brothers our troubles are Locked in each others arms And you better pray They never find you Your back ain’t strong enough For burdens doublefold They’d crush you down Down into nothin' Being born is going blind And buying down a thousand times To echoes strung On pure temptation Sorrow and solitude These are the precious things And the only words That are worth rememberin'

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