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Песня:I Can't Decide
Артист:There For Tomorrow
песня I Can't Decide
Альбом:A Little Faster
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I Can't Decide (Длительность 04:50)

Текст песни There For Tomorrow - I Can't Decide
Cold afternoon I sleep in some Back of the room Avoid the sun You turned off the light And I lost a lung You called it a night You had me won Who told you to leave me all alone Leave me in the dark, leave me in the cold Who told you to leave before I could show You half of the man you wanted to know But I had to face your last goodbye The look on my face, my bloodshot eyes So who won the war Deep down inside I can’t decide Only the dark can feel my touch No kind of remark could burn this much 'cause I’m as cold as December And I won’t surrender Until you give me back my life I can’t see the sun in the morning Please send me a warning Next time I go through this again All out of luck, all out of time Who would have thought I’d lose my mind No, I can’t decide I can’t decide

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