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Песня:Sword Chant
песня Sword Chant
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Sword Chant (Длительность 04:43)

Текст песни Ensiferum - Sword Chant
With furious lightning it fell into the hands of man And the ancient fire came down Down from the sky into the ground The clouds moved aside as the sword was cast from the sky Burnt by a mark of fire, who shall make this find And the grey clouds were watching down, down from the sky into the ground …As the shapes of light were drowned (II:) Creatures started crawling from the ashes and smoke And the night was cursed and drifting within the winds so cold And the knights from the sea were marching down To the deep caverns down, down where the old spells are found The war was growing in the old lands and towns From the mountains war drums pounded with a deafening sound They’ll seek the Sword forevermore, until in battle they’ll fall …Now, hear the battle’s call Who dares to play with death Who smells the dragon’s breath No grief for the fallen ones The search for the sword has begun (Carved in stone:) Great as the mountains and seas Grim as the earth and old trees Made from the glimmer of golden lakes Chained with fire that never fades Rocks and stones they carve and mould When the rivers run fierce and cold May this chant haunt your past For this Sword is yours at last Raise the arms the battle is near Through the mud and waters clear The blood is coloring the lands again A sign of victory the wind will send

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