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Песня:Take Their Lives
песня Take Their Lives
Альбом:Pleasure To Kill
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Take Their Lives (Длительность 06:25)

Текст песни Kreator - Take Their Lives
Living your live in endless frustration Everyday you get nervous and teased You think about your youth with sex and pleasure Now the times have changed the blood you bleed Living a destructed Change it before you die Take what you don’t need to betray Your end is nearerthan you think you know You can’t survive Take their lives, don’t wait another day Take their lives Normal man of the civilisation Is that what you wanted to be? You know the deadly force in your vains And tonight you set the power free Take them into the cellar, be sure that they can’t scream They have taken all the best years of your life You don’t feed no mercy as you locked them on the chains You don’t care about your children’s cries Now there ain’t no turning back the axe shines in your hand You cut the first limb with laughin' eyes Your crimes complete and you will pay, they’ll hunt you to the ground Your days are counted now you have to run

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