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Песня:Reverand Tom
Артист:Kool Keith
песня Reverand Tom
Альбом:Thee Undertakerz
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Reverand Tom (Длительность 04:35)

Текст песни Kool Keith - Reverand Tom
Everybody with the black tight suits on Everybody with the Stacy Adams shoes on (praise the Lord) What are you gonna do when this guy Jump out this coffin and start breakdancin? (Hallelujah, woo!) Doin the slip and slide (amen) Look at him, they buried him with a polka dot suit He didn’t have the loot But he’s gonna get up and do some dancin, look at him, slidin Doin the electric slide, back and forth Hoppin out his coffin… you didn’t think so did ya? You didn’t think he was gon' come out the coffin Surprised ya! Cause he caught the Holy Ghost He caught the Holy Ghost I’ma tell ya guess who’s the guest star With Howard Cosell The rap game, since Kobe Bryant wasn’t even an embryo Michael Jordan walked in, that’s right his lil' son was 13 I used to manage Marvin Hagler and Ken Norton Las Vegas had one hotel I had Angelo Dundee before Ali, done trained Mitch Greene Tony was heavyweight Don King was in Cleveland with John James Mike Weaver couldn’t handle the press The tickets was ringside, me a preacher With Don, Carol, Tom Jones, Lyndon B. Johnson He wasn’t even in front office Morgan Stanley gave the bank loans With Rocky Marciano in the studio And that’s right, Studio 54, no black suits I’ma wear a yellow suit as a preacher I’ma wear a yellow suit as a teacher You get out my face! Now let this man walk outta his coffin Straight out the church and get in a cab (Roll on, roll baby) Yeah Look at him, you didn’t think he was gonna catch the Holy Ghost No nigga, you didn’t think he was gonna catch the holy most Look at’cha, now everybody pass around the coin collector And give people a toast, I want butter please First Corinthians, chapter 10, was. that. Man. man ran over, woman Second verse, Matthew said that (preach now preach now) He, could cook a TV dinner, share with a lamb Give food, around the world, God said sure But that’s all love you know Brother Green, got a question back there Umm, yeah excuse me, umm Miss. Miss Johnson can you move your big hat out the way for a second? I’m sorry about that, okay? Can umm, two people come over and help her lift it up off her head? Oooh you got a, bald head Now the last chapter, alright, can you read umm Uncle Fe, umm, Uncle Fester You got Uncle Fester in here from Addams Family y’all Give a hand for him in the back over there Uncle Fester’s in here, oh ho ho Yo umm, y’all can read um, First Corinthians chapter 7 said And the dog ran, see Spot run See Jane catch spot Spot ran, see Spot run (Tell 'em pastor, preach!) Hopefully, we’re gonna change the church tonight (Watch out now!) Mr. Softee’s outside (yessir) (Hallelujah!) Bring me back an ice cream sandwich, that’s right There’s no turkey for today Everybody’s going home their way No…

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