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Песня:The Funeral Director
Артист:Kool Keith
песня The Funeral Director
Альбом:Thee Undertakerz
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The Funeral Director (Длительность 03:46)

Текст песни Kool Keith - The Funeral Director
I’m here with the Funeral Director Mmmm-hmm He wants to tell people about, a lot of his records Mmmm-hmm! And the way he conducts his, churchs and stuff like that I bury bodies I stick catheters, in their chest cavities I keep things moving I don’t mind burying, I don’t mind undertaking Yes I will be your Funeral, Director The Funeral Director The Funeral Director See I walk the urban streets Bloodthirsty with spit drippin from my teeth Black werewolf on the loose chewin ligaments Only human without no beef My next victim just might be you The Undatakerz, East West coast bodybaggers Draggin bodies up and down the block around the clock Before the doc, toe tag 'em Funeral Director slash bodies, leave 'em cut up in a blender Whether it’s John or Brenda, Sal or Glenda Anybody corpse we dismember See God made me this way, gave me this distemper I was born with the intent to kill Feelin no emotion when the body drops Actually the, sight of death, just might make me thrill I love to watch flesh peel Take the picture of you when you take yo' last breath Tryin to gasp for more air without no energy left Orderlies move for death Let your life go, let your life go, breathe slow Let your life go, breathe slow Let your life go, breathe slow Just let your life go and breathe slow I will bury you I have no problem, with putting you in the ground Pulling up my truck, putting your casket… inside, my hearse Driving it up, to the graveyard M-Balmer got a style that is versatile Blowin up the room, make the crowd go wild So have a smoke, not a cap Now who not not not not not now Let’s see how many MC’s jock my flow Two thousand and ten, I’ll be a legend though Still keepin up the flow Fluid runnin through my soul, make me grow Cause I’m instructable and I’m invincible We have, platinum coffins, to put you in You can believe, you will not, be coming back Ha, ha ha, hahahahaha Ah-hahahahahahaha Ah-ahahahahahahaha Ah-ahahahahahahahahahahaha Ahhh.

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