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Песня:Terminal Illusions
песня Terminal Illusions
Альбом:Destroy Erase Improve
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Terminal Illusions (Длительность 03:47)

Текст песни Meshuggah - Terminal Illusions
I don’t need religion God bless no one Me and my own opinions Are written by me You surrender Under mass hypnosis Bound to illusions Produced by your god Who is humane Real alive no god I see your blindness Erase your identity Your mind is hollow Carved to inability I know to be Loyal to myself My integrity leaves myself Alone in peace with me God There’s no god Life is a trap Unlock your mind Trust in yourself Wake from the grip of the tongue You’ve been choked oppressed God owns god cheats god lies God hates god kills god slays The pressure on humanity Has risen beyond control We are leading evolution Into termination The sense of hate Inbreeding scars to innocence Genetic prejudice a Selfdestructive line in pain Why this reality Life poured into inanity

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