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Альбом:Destroy Erase Improve
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Sublevels (Длительность 05:14)

Текст песни Meshuggah - Sublevels
Back again within myself Asleep but aware, I’m lost again Every time I close my eyes I enter the dream to which i’m strained A sudden change into a state Where life is dust and everything flows Circling above swirling seas Of eyes upraised toward the unknown Vapor masques in the leaden air Unleashed by death in a grubby dawn Vacant faces reflecting sorrow Hidden inside senses disowned A maze of glass shattered by thoughts Of a faltered soul freed in bliss Clouds disperse revealing shades Tempting my soul i can’t resist A vision of morbidity Of ragged silent shadows dressed in black disease They’re closing up on me Peering, lifeless, weary eyes They drag me down into another world inside of me Paralyzed By the view Hypnotized Let me wake Mesmerized by the flames as I return into myself A slow conversion A silent change I wake into the brightened day

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