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Альбом:Destroy Erase Improve
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Beneath (Длительность 05:38)

Текст песни Meshuggah - Beneath
It’s time to go into the me below My morbid self beneath A peril trip the last way out I spin as I let go In spirals down the narrow lines Passing through my aura Spit me out into my mind A journey through disease I’m behind my cynic eyes That stare but cannot see The sickness in me Beneath I fall in untruthful me The essence of my thoughts Swirling in a thousand vows Endless, truthless What am I this me beneath A vain organic lie That rules me from inside Immobile now I bow Before reality itself It’s substance moving through my eyes My life is transferred once Suffused upon my mind The view erases Burns inside and then Another fall I plunge into a well of lies A cold perennial flow The vortex of my soul

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