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Песня:Aztec Two-Step
песня Aztec Two-Step
Альбом:Destroy Erase Improve (Reloaded)
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Aztec Two-Step (Длительность 10:44)

Текст песни Meshuggah - Aztec Two-Step
Carnation Megnaton The nation the Normalize Its best to Organisize Returns to Mononomize Negation Sodomize Dissection Out of line Victims of Minds lost Every time Closing thoughts Bottom line Putrid flies Traumatize Traumatize Mission full Pressure rise Shoot me flies Battle lines Satisfied Cross the line Missions lost Reconciled Just leave me there Just leave me dead Just leave me naked Mourning cries Connections Rosen fire Returns from Lust in fire Remarks on Putrid fall Respects to When desire To rid the elder Analize All in and around Styled men Nod your way down Apart of me Burn the traitors All of you Now Right Wrong Wrong Wrong Tyrants Slaughtered men Sodomize Sodomize Sodomize Sodomize Sodomize Moan in fire Our next one Fucked Redemption Close Res’rection Fought in life Is rection The sight Killer Get a life Why is christ Sighting Ressurection Battered shell You You Why Why Why

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