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песня Transfixion
Альбом:Destroy Erase Improve (Reloaded)
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Transfixion (Длительность 03:34)

Текст песни Meshuggah - Transfixion
Trapped in a gaze where time stand still Connected to a blur sensations deformed We are to drown just to become Another set of eyes among the millions Enchanted we fade selecting illusions Dwellers of the scene a new world obsessed Gods of displays divine screens Radiate us now your blessing Down kneel to shields of glass To the sovereign Bleed for the entity of wavelenghts Transfixed yet eyes glowing with delight Delusions of omniscience bred us by liars Mentally drained by the growing leech Fed on our manic desire Oceans of sewage continual Washing into our minds Drowning in wasted integrity With eyes too open to see vanity Engulfed in super fiction fields What are we when the false pictures Dissolve Caged within a twilight world Devoid of own self made thoughts Stare blind…

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