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Песня:Suffer In Truth
песня Suffer In Truth
Альбом:Destroy Erase Improve
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Suffer In Truth (Длительность 04:20)

Текст песни Meshuggah - Suffer In Truth
Tortured soul ripping skin into ashes Blind by pain, deaf by lies Smell of freedom violently cuts Forgiveness Power to a being never dies Suffer in truth’s narrow passage saw Weak solutions stabbed to not know The smile of obliteration’s face Penetrating through the void of life A dance with the dead Buried in oblivion, stolen from the mind Constant starving, never fed Contaminated life is fading Laughing in my face Suffer in deception Manipulated not to feel Slain beliefs, abandoned dreams A life of misery Suffer in truth Suffer in truth The wounds of a soul in pain A mirror of life Dreams all in vain Life will always be sealed I see Unseen I feel Unseen Suffer in truth Suffer Suffer in truth

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