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Песня:The Boys From The East
Артист:Chrome Division
песня The Boys From The East
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The Boys From The East (Длительность 04:47)

Текст песни Chrome Division - The Boys From The East
Well, everybody raise your glass And Welcome to the show Let there be no doubt We got a lot to show Turn the music up loud So chicks can move on the floor If you don’t like it You’re at the wrong place for sure Come a little closer So I can feel your heat Now let me see you shake that ass To that rockin' beat I hope you don’t mind girl And show me your smile Well, I know that I’m different But I’m gonna stay for a while It ain’t easy Living free It ain’t easy when you’re trying To satisfy me I’m coming down You better be prepared 'cause I grew up on the other side of town You heard the stories And you heard the tales It’s time to meet the boys When we all get together We sure make a lot of noise You can either hate us or join our feast I can’t promise any champagne When you party with The boys from the east

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