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Песня:Doomsday Rider
Артист:Chrome Division
песня Doomsday Rider
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Doomsday Rider (Длительность 03:46)

Текст песни Chrome Division - Doomsday Rider
I got an open road ahead And there’s a warm breeze through my hair Ain’t got no plan of where I’m going to But I don’t really care Hang on I’m coming fast I like your soft hands I’m gonna live to the maximum 'Cause this is my chance Here I go Teachin' Preachin' Doomsday Rider Ridin' Ain’t got no place to lay my hat Or a place that I call home The only place I do belong Is the highway that I’m on I like you too, but don’t get involved 'Cause tomorrow I’ll be gone I like your company Bust mostly, I ride alone Feel my engine Hear it roar Shiftin' down Hit the floor Doomsday rider On parole Straight out of hell

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