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Песня:Hate This Town
Артист:Chrome Division
песня Hate This Town
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Hate This Town (Длительность 03:54)

Текст песни Chrome Division - Hate This Town
You need a break And you need some inspiration You need a place where you can be free All your friends are gone But you still got temptation Won’t you come along with me Your dreams are all broken And nothing seems right Raise up your fists and scream it tonight I gave you hope and Some real satisfaction You wear a smile And you go: Hey! Hey! Hey! I can tell you want a piece of the action One word and we are on our way Hate this town And everything that just ain’t true Hate this town And everything it’s done to you Hate this town And everything it wanna be Hate this town And all the shit it’s done to me I take you with me to a Brand new destination Where no one tells you what to do Close your eyes and leave This institution Tonight we know we’ll make it through I hate this town We hate this town

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