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Песня:Inis Mona
песня Inis Mona
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Inis Mona (Длительность 04:09)

Текст песни Eluveitie - Inis Mona
Welcome to the land of questions Welcome to the isle of lore Where the veil came crumbling down There it all began The germination Unveiling a cryptic door There it was revealed Hopes and aspirations Unclosing an enthralled door Escalate the sense Enhancing to join the dawn I close my eyes, Inis Mona And reminisce of those palmy days I moon o’er you, Inis Mona As long as I breathe I’ll call you my home 20 years I have walked your barrows Years of emulous youth I followed the path of the wise There it all was sown The Inspiration Removing the seven seals There it was revealed Enigma and freedom Unclosing an unseen door

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