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Песня:Take Ya Clothes Off
Артист:Ying Yang Twins
песня Take Ya Clothes Off
Альбом:My Brother & Me
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Take Ya Clothes Off (Длительность 03:51)

Текст песни Ying Yang Twins - Take Ya Clothes Off
OHHHHHHHHHH! Break em off records have entered the building Yeah, Bone Crusher Ying Yang Twins (Yeah) Take Ya Clothes off get bucked necked This is a county park musical production yall Lil' Smurf… this a hot one boy Take Ya Clothes off get bucked necked (OHHHHHHHHHHH!) Eenie meenie minee moe To the booty club we go Where y’all boys goin? Tryin' to go and see some necked hoes Like it when they touch they toes Shake it like a jelly roll Shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it shake it (OHHHH!) And let me see you shake it baby (OHHHHH!) And shake that behind baby (OHHHHH!) And let me see you grind baby (OHHHHH!) Take ya clothes off get bucked necked! Her nickname Gyro A super booty hoe She put that thing on you niggas 'till you lose control It’s a dollar rate to enter the pearly gates For the sex and the love niggas gon' pay She got a thing bout the way she move her body baby Cuz she can pop that pussy till it’s skeet baby Oh she’s a sexy bitch She loves that hard shit I put a ten dollar bill in her fuckin' clit But I ain’t mad though She take it to the floor The way she bouncin' that ass let a nigga know Oh she a pro at this A one-way hustle shit Oh shake that ass baby, work for these presidents Freaky bitches in the club gettin necked for cheese Like a girl on Sunday night off in Jazzy T Make the pussy breathe for Kaine, Bone Crusher, and me Do a magic trick you know thats what we came to see (hoe) Bitch you make it hang low (Bitch I love that) Cuz ain’t nothin wrong with a good shakin'(I love that) Now do your thing baby make your ends Now run along and let me holla at your friends Shake it like a motherfucker Move it like a vibrator Shorty kinda sweet, got that sugar like a Now and Later Hoe with them bed raiders Only bout that bread makin' Other hoes ain’t but this bitch bringin' home the bacon Baby boy needs you Cuz he bout to start school Momma gotta work Gotta do what she gotta do Take off the two -piece She was down on the low The Red Man ball so she went to work at 10 though It’s the hustle man Money and diamond rings She gon' make sure she stackin' all the paper man It’s a grinder’s party, 365 7 days; She gon' make sure she stay fly Here’s a hundred baby I dont need change Just make sure you keep movin' that thing I love the way the pros do it, you know that! You gon' make me revert back to 7−9 And to the floor with that thing baby (Phone Call!)Take off that bra Take off them draws Get on all 4's- do the doggy crawl You so fine you gon' make me stand and applaud

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