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Песня:Them Braves
Артист:Ying Yang Twins
песня Them Braves
Альбом:Me & My Brother
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Them Braves (Длительность 01:20)

Текст песни Ying Yang Twins - Them Braves
Ah shit, y’all know what the sound of that is That’s the sound of them braves Them Atlanta niggas in this bitch once again Its the muthafuckin Ying Yang Twins And it’s a new year nigga And you know its your dawg beatin ass formally known as DJ Smurf And since this is a new day for us I want y’all to get to know these niggas personally I know y’all know the twins as a group but y’all don’t know them niggas individually So right about now I’ma put y’all up on what the deal is right now First off, you got this nigga D-Roc This nigga stay drunk 20 outta 24 hours of the day This nigga might fall out the mouth and say anything to ya So if you’re a sensitive ass bitch or a sensitive ass nigga Don’t come round this nigga cause this nigga slick out the mouth Ya know what I’m sayin? Next off we got this nigga Kaine Little short grouchy muthafucka This nigga smoke more than a lil' bit, you know what I’m sayin? This nigga ain’t full of bullshit, so if you around this nigga with that stupid shit He gon' get you up off him ya know what I’m sayin So right about now without further ado I wanna bring y’all up into our world This is the Me and My brother MIP, ya know what I’m sayin Y’all gon' get to know these niggas for real You gon' respect this pimpin nigga ATL in this bitch, Colipark record Ying Yang Twins beatin ass Oh my god it’s goin down nigga So check this shit out right here Yeah!

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