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Артист:Ying Yang Twins
песня Intro
Альбом:Chemically Imbalanced
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Intro (Длительность 01:04)

Текст песни Ying Yang Twins - Intro
Ahhhh shit Ya’ll know what time it is (What time is it) It’s the return of the motha f**kin ying yang twins And you know this is your boy Collipark And we back on the fifth L. P We back in this biz baby, but this time we gonna do it a lil different For the first half of the album we gonna do it for the die hard ying yang twins fans The ones that been with us from day one The second half of the album we gonna team up with my man Wyclef and my man Jerry Wonder And do it a little different Make it a little musical for ya’ll So what you can do right now is sit back, grab you some gack, some patron, fire you up a blunt And all you ladies that like to shake ya ass You already know its about to go down in this bitch It’s the motha f**kin chemically imbalanced L. P So we free to do it like this Yo check it out

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