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Песня:Find The Energy
песня Find The Energy
Альбом:Tunnel Vision Volume 3
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Find The Energy (Длительность 01:57)

Текст песни Wiley - Find The Energy
Yo, this is Eskiboy, Caramel Brownie This one produced by Caramel Brownie, listen up (Yo) We’re doin' this ting Boy Better Know, big up Jme, CEO (Boy Better Know) Shut your mout' (Oi listen) Yo, listen Find the energy if you can’t keep up We murk many because they can’t keep up If you don’t know me, then go on Google Type «Eskiboy» and then you can read up Yeah my name’s Caramel Brownie Move on the low, and no you can’t read us I don’t know what it takes to defeat us Play fair ‘cause you can never cheat us You should see how the crowd they greet us So excited they’ve been dying to meet us Other mixed-doubles in the game can’t beat us I don’t know who in the game is gonna lead us Labels drop us then try and retrieve us I’m sayin' go-away A&R, leave us I’m sayin' for the people Sign-up, few hundred grand, call me when you need us She’s clued up, we’re old school Like the front of your old trainers: glued up Check the programme, watch how we move up Wanna spit on the beat, it’s already been chewed up It’s all good if you wanna hear new stuff I got new stuff, slewing Sniper E and too tough These donuts, they act too rough Normal, slap ‘em in the head with a ruler Smell choong when I wear Dior’s Stink if you got a problem with me or go and drink tea or Watch me, I’ll piss on your family tree or I’ll spit on the door let ‘em know that it’s me or I’ll egg the windows, laugh at me or Keep a straight-face, stand stiff in the place Can’t take my place, not two, or three or We’re number one, you say you can’t see or Might you be lying, see or, she saw No other challengers makin' P or Makin' up ground in the game like we are I’ma changed character Ain’t the same calibre I don’t need a manager Stick with me or travel your own path What am I doin'? Don’t ask I’m perfecting my flow to the tee or Somethin' like that We make the hat track spitters in the game Wanna roll with me or Go against me or Try not to pay me what they owe me or I’m gonna hav’ta hit the road Smash up your black old MG or You don’t wanna get robbed for a key or Or half books, nine beat, or a half be or The goons at the door, they par with me or You? Nah, they par with me or

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