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Песня:U Would Get Wileup
песня U Would Get Wileup
Альбом:Tunnel Vision Volume 3
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U Would Get Wileup (Длительность 03:04)

Текст песни Wiley - U Would Get Wileup
Eskiboy One take bang nothing long Tunnel Vision, Boy Better Know Volume 3, Roll Deep You know who I am, listen Yo I’m the reason Grime is a name brand Ever since you’ve been spitting bars I’ve been raining down just like Rayman of a caveman, old school like Ray Bans You went jail for a band I had eight bands Just 'cause he bored up Walker That don’t mean I gotta rate man I can relate man but it’s my war and I don’t even hate man There’s no way on Earth you can hear me and say you don’t rate man I’m A Sinner was a hit from the day I vocalled it Simple and plain, stand up, stand up It’s hard to waste man like me ain’t you noticed I cater for everybody’s taste and the level’s so high You can’t win just one race man 'cause you gotta win bare And if you appear on status is big that won’t even save man It’s me and Tali, watch me war rally Back and get busy with a bat and a bally I got stabbed but the brehs ain’t rough If you ask me the one who bored me was a dox you’re a doppy I come around every year like a poppy I’ve been cold-hearted I used to shot bobby Who wants to rob me blud you’re a doppy Mind I don’t come through catch you slipping you’re sloppy Flow like a shotty you flicked a swag phone when, I’ve got a Nokky Me I roll deep setting toppy, pussy you’re Lobby, I’m keen score just like Robbie I’m a rudeboy on the roads but some MCs they act silly like Noddy You’re even, and I’m oddy, I make big dough but I ain’t got a jobbie So, it’s me, back with a banger I got the keys to the blocks in your manor I roll deep, can’t see me in the manor Can’t come to war with or spanner Man roll like the force of a tie with Jammer Your crew’s bad still but my crew’s badder I ain’t Scratchy D but I’m sharp like a dagger And I will be anywhere plotting in your manor It didn’t work when I had a yearly planner Go to ExCel and you can ask Hannah I was on my R6 rolling through your manor Check for Mario and Mega Montana Don’t get hyped you’re not a gun clapper Going on like you was a lyrical dapper You could never teach me nuttin' 'bout Grime You could never teach me nuttin' 'bout Ragga When I’m on a set I’ve got spitters on edge You feel comfy 'cause your mates wedge Prick didn’t know that I’m livin' on the edge If you had a real problem you would’ve said but You want it to be something it’s not so I wile out Lose it, start seeing red Badmind yutes get a clap round the head Don’t act the fool 'cause your best mates wedge Look here’s another one looking for a stripe mind out You don’t wanna get caught in a hype If I was you I would just come outta the hype I might have beef on any other night It’s like you want beef on every other night The way you go around on road and pick fights Getting blood on your brand new Nikes Me and my boys roll off on bikes Jack you’re not ready it’s long I’ll bring two out Blud I’ll have arms that will come and take you out Can’t slew Willy I’m a G who are you out More time you sing songs now you wanna slew I’m racing past you out here Not a waste, I’ll waste your whole crew out Your flow ain’t new out, you don’t bring two out Thought you was gonna save the day Didn’t work, they don’t need you out We don’t need you out, you ain’t got a clue out Go back to school that’s where they like you out Come into the game tryna up my game but I will merk you out I’m number one now two out, you’re not even a hundred and two out To the kids you knew out, your bars ain’t true out Mess with who out, test with who out NJ, NJ, I will take you out Get me Tunnel Vision Volume 3 Man’s going on shower right now you know that Man is going on so shower right now Tunnel Vision Volume 3, Boy Better Know, Roll Deep East, North, South, West, London We run dat rudeboy, we run dem ting dere no Hol' on tight!

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