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Песня:He Don't Wanna
песня He Don't Wanna
Альбом:Tunnel Vision Volume 3
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He Don't Wanna (Длительность 03:04)

Текст песни Wiley - He Don't Wanna
He don’t wanna be there if I’m gong through bad times, I know that he still cares though He don’t wanna cook or clean or tidy up, look at him, he’s still here though He don’t wanna see me with no boy, if he does I know that he’ll leave me He don’t wanna lose me, never Sometimes I wish he would go That’s 'cause he can see straight through her He’d be better off if he never knew her He don’t wanna go through bullshit six years more, he’s a money man, wake up It’s not that he don’t really wanna break up He don’t wanna start from scratch with a new ting He’s got a gift, so why would he care? He don’t know why remains here He’s just here innit? He don’t wanna act up, on the high street, I will get snapped up If I like a boy, and he treats me bad Get my brothers, then he will get wrapped up now They see me and they’re like «wow», pretty got pressed and my batty is round When I travel from town to town, I’m with Eskiboy, promoting this sound He don’t wanna fight no more, he don’t wanna sing «who ate all the pies» no more And he don’t wanna get tied down, so he looses drive, don’t try no more He don’t wanna struggle anymore, it’s not Wellington boots in the puddle anymore Life is a joke but it’s not funny anymore We ain’t babies, ain’t got dummies anymore (Need to start growing up man, shit) He don’t wanna mess around, might see me in my new white dress, roaming in west He don’t wanna play about, might see my new boyf car, in my strapless bra He don’t wanna hear that, I’ll just go to the rave, I’ll be drawing bare gash Girl better know that I don’t care, and I’m here for a reason and she ain’t it 'Cause I was looking to be some like (Kinda like millionaire man) kinda like millionaire man (Like big Dyl) You know them, them man with big papers like, that’s what I want Like man wants to fly in the sky like (Rather than going to all the) evil, I don’t know what you’d rather do Fuck that man, that’s long

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