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Песня:Merkle Freestyle
песня Merkle Freestyle
Альбом:Tunnel Vision Volume 3
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Merkle Freestyle (Длительность 02:25)

Текст песни Wiley - Merkle Freestyle
Brownie, Hi Yo, this is Eskiboy Tunnel Vision Volume 3 Caramel Brownie (What?) Eskiboy freestyle (Get me) Hold tight the merkle man (, oi London) It’s Eskiboy, wicked man (Oi, shut ya mout' star) Man made the time of the year, are you mad? Shut ya mout' I make the tune of the year man I make the tune of the year man I make the tunes of the year I made the tune of the year I make the tunes of the year Oi listen, oi you know who I am, shut ya mout' It’s gettin' cold out here so mind you don’t slip up Ain’t none of you ever pushed a gun-clip up Mind you don’t trip up, things get rip up Spit so much fire make a whole crew give up You ain’t been on a roof, you didn’t rig up Rinse got me bigger, so you must get a big up And now I got dreams that I wanna live out Straight to the top, I’m hot, I won’t give up Hot I won’t give up, no I can’t give up You can’t get rid of the champion killer Me and Jerome we know the gun driller Wait, ‘cause we gotta bus a shot at Tilla Me and Will run deep like a river And now I’ve got power, like, watch me deliver What, you didn’t hear when I murked up a sinner? Champion killer, all out for the skrilla Get wile up, rudeboy, don’t try smiler You don’t wanna come round here and get wile up Came with a crew, that’s alright then, line up Which soundboy wants to rail up, line up Pass the mic 'round, spit bars, so your time’s up I wouldn’t fire a sixteen with a fire cah, buying til my time’s up Top boys when you sign up, if you come through blasting Two nines up, I’m a lemon boy I will rise up to the occasion Truth is I got mine up You know it’s just my luck Wanna be all cool Come across a little prick who says my time’s up Rise up, like a Phoenix, Sun 6AM Come through spraying, about my time’s up Get your punchlines up, ‘cause fun time’s up I can see you all already when you’re comin' unstuck You wanna murk who? I won’t avoid you Let’s see if you murk me and my whole crew I’m waitin, I’m sittin' here waitin' You wanna murk who? I won’t avoid you Let’s see if you murk me and my whole crew I’m waitin, I’m sittin' here waitin' Get a letter, make a word, then I string along sentences And one more thin hoodie was meant for this Sent from a place where, there’s no apprentices Harry put a kid straight through where the trenches are Certain cliques, they weren’t meant for this Hear me, I can spit bars with emphasis The way I’m flowin' now, I can’t see an end to this Come to my trench town, see the ends a bit Another letter, another word Then I string along another sentence, keyword: emphasis When I start lettin' off, I don’t tend to miss You should know by now I was meant for this You sound unsure, that’s cause you’re unraw Listen to me, analyse, can’t find one flaw Nigga’s wanna run draws like they weigh a tonne four I see ‘em wetting, oi blud, what’cha run for? Eskiboy, Tunnel Vision, shut ya mout' (Shut ya mout')

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