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Cold (Длительность 05:03)

Текст песни Tears For Fears - Cold
The coldest shoulder cast in metal Frozen to the bone To rely on hook, line and sinker What a sinker Sinking like a stone You’d be better off alone She saw me on the television underneath the sun Thought that I was warm like mother, lover, brother Brother, she was wrong Me, I don’t long to belong Cold, been excommunicated cos I’m cold My temperature’s been rated and I’m cold Bring to me my big old sweater Nothing more will make me better I met her on Monday and my heart did nothing new Seems she thought of me as some mystic, fatalistic, mystical guru Me, I haven’t got a clue But floating on a magic carpet high above the earth You can see the world like a Buddha, bread and Buddha Bigger than you hurt Don’t you know that love is work Cold, no heat on the horizon guess I’m cold And Capricorn is rising yes I’m cold Listened to my old Nockles Hoped that it would warm the cockles You can’t fight the fear you can’t, this is the road you’re on You don’t belong to me you don’t belong to any one Your reputation lies not in your eyes, but those who dare Will bite the hand that feeds when it don’t meet your needs When you got blood to bleed, you got a life to lead In the flood with my blood I can hold you Cold, been excommunicated cos I’m cold My temperature’s been rated and I’m cold

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