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Песня:I Want You!
Артист:Peter Bjorn and John
песня I Want You!
Альбом:Living Thing
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I Want You! (Длительность 03:39)

Текст песни Peter Bjorn and John - I Want You!
We stayed and talked about fear She won’t cry And this time I know it’s not for real For sure, she kept asking for more What a waste of money And feelings we don’t have Don’t choke he’s coming your way Bound to choose the wrong choice again Oh my god, is it that hard For you to see that I want you! Cold feet, your sister is sweet oh so sweet But listen: -it's you I like to meet Calm down, you act like a clown I don’t get this movie, it only brings me down So down and I don’t know why It’s supposed to be one of a kind Can’t pretend and here comes the end And I can’t help it I want you!

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