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Песня:Oh No
песня Oh No
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Oh No (Длительность 03:02)

Текст песни Commodores - Oh No
I want you To want me I’m goin' crazy Knowin' he will be your lover tonight And when he comes, I’ll let you go I’ll just pretend that you walked out the door Oh no I can’t sleep Oh no I’m goin' crazy with love Over you… I need you, To need me I want to hold you But you’re holdin' someone else in your arms When I close my eyes I see your face I’m just not sure How much my heart can erase Oh no I can’t think ooh… Oh no I’m goin' crazy with love Over you Oh honey Oh sugar Oh no I can’t sleep anymore baby Oh no I can’t think anymore baby Oh no I’m goin' crazy with love Over you

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