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Песня:Goblin's Dance
песня Goblin's Dance
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Goblin's Dance (Длительность 04:29)

Текст песни Ensiferum - Goblin's Dance
Once in the time of chaos, of sunless days and of unhappiness The statue of the triumphant master stood proud and grim In the light of three descending moons, it twisted and cracked open Unleashing the Goblin King, once again, for the last time «Now is the Victory ours!» «Let us dance the dance of Immortals» They shrieked, as they marched up and down the hills, in the sighing face of earth Misfortune and Chaos, Grief and Destruction The works of Dreaming evil, and the joy of unholiness No soul was left alone, in the mayhem of the human race «Hahahahaa!!!, Let us joy, Let us dance!!!» So they danced their macabre dances From the three ascending moons, moonshine was spilling onto the ground, Gruesome trophies were all around, In the halls of the Goblin King

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