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Песня:Treacherous Gods
песня Treacherous Gods
Альбом:Two Decades Of Greatest Sword Hits
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Treacherous Gods (Длительность 05:13)

Текст песни Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods
On the vast fields of snow, the wind is blowing strong With it’s frozen cold and relentless touch It leaves a dead and hollow land of ice I have seen through the eyes of a wolf And felt all its pain and loneliness The beautiful land opened before my eyes Wild as a beast I ran into the night The Calling Of The Howling Wind Is Raging In The Realms Of North Creations Of Ice Rising Mighty Into The Skies And Treacherous Gods Shall Fall Watching through the falling snow There’s no sign of life The fire has gone out in the whirl of time Behold the face of thunder The storm is getting near When the sky calls my name, I have no fear They brought us misfortune, but their honor is about to be crushed My blood flows cold as streams of the North We’ll never let them take our souls The calling of the howling wind is raging in the North Creations of ice, rising mighty into the skies And Treacherous Gods shall fall Time And Time Again I Witness The Birth Of A New Born Star I Climb The Highest Mountain To Find The Essence Of A New Era

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