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Песня:Doctor My Eyes
Артист:Jackson 5
песня Doctor My Eyes
Альбом:The Very Best Of Michael Jackson With The Jackson 5
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Doctor My Eyes (Длительность 03:13)

Текст песни Jackson 5 - Doctor My Eyes
Doctor, my eyes have seen the years And the slow parade of fears without crying Now I want to understand I have done all that I could To see the evil and the good without hiding You must help me if you can Doctor, my eyes Tell me what is wrong Was I unwise to leave them open for so long 'Cause I have wandered through this world And as each moment has unfurled I’ve been waiting to awaken from these dreams People go just where they will I never noticed them until I got this feeling That it’s later than it seems Doctor, my eyes Tell me what you see I hear their cries Just say if it’s too late for me Doctor, my eyes Cannot see the sky Is this the price for having learned how not to cry

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