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Песня:The Young Folks
Артист:Jackson 5
песня The Young Folks
Альбом:Icons: Jackson 5
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The Young Folks (Длительность 02:53)

Текст песни Jackson 5 - The Young Folks
You better make a way for the young folks! Here we come &we're so glad we’re here for business budy &don't want no jive Oh right in tomorrow??? You gotta make a way for the young folks, oooo Yeah yeah yeah yeah! We say yes &you so no We ask you why &you close the door My ole friend I thought you know by now You can’t do that to the young folks, oh No no no no! You might no like it, but I gotta tell you I gotta tell you, oh yeah… You gotta make way for the young folks ooo, yeah… We’re marching with signs we’re standing in line yeah Here’s the deal accept it if you will Were going strong its our turn to deal

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