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Песня:Who's Real
песня Who's Real
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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Who's Real (Длительность 03:11)

Текст песни Jadakiss - Who's Real
He’s phony, she’s fake That’s the type of people I hate If you real and you know it clap your hands If you real and you know it clap your hands Wait a minute — who’s real, who’s not? She’s real, but he’s not If you real and you know it clap your hands If you real and you know it clap your hands AH-HAHHHH! Uhh, yeah, yo Guns gon' clap, packs gon' move Blood get drawn, skin gon' bruise Real gon' win, the fake gon' lose The love overpowers the hate by twos All they left was the yellow tape and his shoes It’s real when the funeral and wake make the news Load the trey-pound so we six up on 'em So when they act phony we just switch up on 'em, what w/ ad libs Who’s phony, who’s fake? Silver Hummer, on eights Life’s good, I’m straight Clap your hands one time you relate Can’t keep it 100, them the ones I hate But I’mma keep it 200 for the ones that fake Red and black car on the red chrome skates Young Juiceman push a burner on my plate w/ ad libs Uh, yeah, yo Pocket full of cash, wallet full of plastic In and out the lanes, dippin through the traffic We ain’t hustlin no more, we doin gymnastics Couple of flips and then stash it, bastards Real gon' recognize real Phony gon' recognize steel, I reckon I will Expose those who are, if you ain’t or you are I done gone too far, sorry, MWAH Get yourself a fresh flesh wound or a new scar Bullet holes all on the side of your new car Load up the AR, spray y’all, okay y’all? It’s real on this side, phony wherever they are, what! w/ ad libs

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