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Песня:Something Else Remix
песня Something Else Remix
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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Something Else Remix (Длительность 05:23)

Текст песни Jadakiss - Something Else Remix
Yo, you know I love to style on ya, blue 40-caliber Butterfly doors on the triple black challenger And I’m still in and out, got it so I’m spendin out Dope boy, so I never have a problem in a drought Don’t take, too much work if you can’t manage that Just in case you run out of empties, use sandwich bags Play with the hand you was dealt That’s why I ride the track 'til it melt I could care less how you feel, how you felt I done spent niggaz rent money on belts Threesomes in the trunk, I’m fuckin for the wealth And the hood ask about me, I’m somethin else You could tell the way I stack my money (I'm somethin else!) Nah, I ain’t one of them dummies (I'm somethin else!) Tre’s, nick’s, dimes and twenties (I'm somethin else!) The way I get it in with the honeys (I'm somethin else!) Still representin the block (I'm somethin else!) And you ain’t got to tell me I’m hot (I'm somethin else!) I’m exactly what they not (I'm somethin else!) Hahh (I'm somethin else!) AH-HAHHH! (I'm somethin else!) C.T.E. nigga… yeah! Yeah! Let’s go I ain’t even did nothin, feelin like I’m traffickin See these blood diamonds, sir, my chain African Speakin of my chain, yeah it need to get a job Get the fuck up off my neck, Senator Barack Whatever that you do, look, don’t get caught That stash get low, ya ass might get bought Okay I’m over it, let’s talk about somethin else I said I’m over it, I think I bought somethin else That’s why I live e’ry day (day) like a thug holiday +Suffocate+ a nigga about mines — J. Holiday Quick to make a movie 'bout my Doc Holiday It’s why I’m strapped 365, even holidays, yeah! Yeah… I’m somethin else with myself they say WWF, push that featherweight Big boy toys, of course the shoe’s right See the 22's reflect from the moonlight? Barry White, or Walter Cronkite? Couple cold words when you talk 'bout birds You ain’t talkin 'bout green, you ain’t talkin 'bout me Hold up, this your bitch on my caller ID You could tell I’m somethin else, pussy nigga do the math Just look at me nigga; you can’t tell I got cash? Got together so fruity, 26 inches (Girl, ain’t that Blood Raw?) You can’t tell I got bitches? I’m a three summer soul survivor Tell me have you ever met a nigga that’s real as the bible? You could tell I’m addicted to paper And if it ain’t my clique I’m like Maino, FUCK YOU HATERS! Yo, aiyyo Any situation involvin paper I’m all in Pull up on your block, old school sittin on all rims Still keep them semis on deck in case I’m tested And gotta do a nigga dirty, turn him to a mess quick Chest all hangin out, everybody screamin out I grew up in a house, where damn near e’rybody fiendin So don’t ask, why I hold me the pen on my fuckin self If I pop through and you come back I’ma hit you with somethin else I’m somethin else the way I come off, bars that make 'em run off Rippin up his back but the strap’ll tear your front off Neck slump and run through your boss, he tried to jump off It’s D-Block, we treat every town just like it’s New York (D-Block!) Cross the whole game like my verses do the track Push the pen like a pack and let it work through the trap (Snyp!) Get your roof cut, ace hit by shooter’s that’ll spray shit And if it ain’t the ruger shit’ll melt you and your face split Okay, Bully bitch! Uhh, I’m somethin else, run through niggaz like Phelps D-Block's next generation explains itself (D-Block!) You don’t wanna FUCK with Bully the don-dada Name ring bells in the hood, a known shotter You gets nada when it comes to my ricotta Fresh Levi’s, black V-necks and Pradas I’m a problem for niggaz if nothin else Control, substitute or police, I’m somethin else

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