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Песня:Smoking Gun
песня Smoking Gun
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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Smoking Gun (Длительность 03:43)

Текст песни Jadakiss - Smoking Gun
You’re the only one I love The only man I know that I can trust And if I ever should need you I know you’ll come ready to kill With a smoking gun With a smoking gun Uh huh, uh huh, with a smoking gun Uh huh, uh huh, with a smoking gun Uh huh, uh huh I know you’ll come ready to kill With a smoking gun Yo, shorty is courageous, going through the stages Of where her body is more mature than her age is Far from the daddy’s little girl type Can’t even imagine what her world’s like It all started off from a young’n Stepfather used to touch her and she couldn’t say nothing The more she in held to the pain, it kept coming Eventually, it scarred for life as a woman And then he just kept touching her Inside, that was crushing her I got something to discuss with her I’m coming with the tech with the air holes and the muffler Yo, now she really stressed bad, baby by her step dad Her and little man all alone up in Westhab Tough road and without a car, it’s a tough walk Worst part about it is her mom think is her fault Word get around yall, you know how the town talk Babygirl is innocent, labeled her a town whore Suicidal thoughts on her mind, even now more First the abuse, now she gotta raise her child poor And that’s why I feel for you That’s why I’m ready to kill for you That’s a black girl lost for you Call me, I’ll come through and let it off for you (Blaow) Yo, it ain’t your fault boo, I’m always here for you to talk to Hold your head high when you walk though Sometimes the devil’s temptation will force you But one thing about the lord, he’ll never cross you Look at all the bad things that they tried to do to you And you still queen of the earth and you’re beautiful Everything happens for a reason If you ever need me, call me, I’m coming through squeezing (Blaow)

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